Event Planners In The Age Of Spectacular Events

May 05, 2017 Posted By: Gigcult Company: Gigcult
Event Planners in the Age of Spectacular Events

We are all human beings and we love to socialise, to meet people, to meet relatives, to meet friends and to party together. Every occasion like wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, etc., calls for inviting people together to celebrate the occasion. Usually, organizing an event involved myriad of activities, lists, phone calls, vendor meetings, checks, preparations etc. And the person organizing the event is the one that least enjoys the event, because he is too worried about logistics, too concerned about everyone else having a good time to allow themselves to relax and have fun. For Festivals and special occasions, this can be particularly true. Festivals are a huge undertaking, with a countless of problems ready to pop up at any given moment.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone should enjoy the festive celebration along with his friends and family. To take your worry off your shoulder there are several event organizers out there who help you organize your event in very spectacular fashion and they take care of everything even the minute details you might overlook yourself. Event organizers organize everything right from the venue, staff, party theme, caterers, gifts for the guests, and all sorts of other arrangements. But, because it is your event you need to be control of everything, hence for your convenience, we offer some tips on how to make your event talk of the town and you keep away from letting the weight of the festival wear you down.


Prepare checklists or ask your event organizers to give you a final copy of the checklist for everything. If you don’t start with a strong foundation of organization, you’ll get lost and your event might not give you same result as you expected. So, checklists beforehand are significant. Keep track of what’s done and what still needs to be done!


Discuss and ask your event organizer to employ required number of staff for everything so that your guests receive timely response for all their needs and they have a good time at your event. You might also consider involving some volunteers if your budget doesn’t allows for spending too much on staff for your event. Tell your event organizer and the volunteer about the event in great detail, the better you’ll be able to explain it better you will be able staff it appropriately. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to handle everything. Relinquishing some of your tasks will make your life easier and the event all the more successful.


If your event’s venue is outdoors, the logistics of sound tech can be complex. But, when you have hired an event organization company you need not worry on that part. However, you can give him your choice list of songs to be played in the event. Make sure to check the sounds and mikes and everything a day before your event.


Keep the supplies list always ready and if your event requires perishable supplies, we strongly recommend that you purchase at least 20% over your expected need. So many things can happen to supplies: boxes get lost, things break, get spoiled, or are the wrong size, etc. You will never be able to predict the kinds of problems that will arise regarding supplies. So better overstock them.


Ask your event organizer to arrange all the rentals, like Tents, Portable Toilets, or Tables & Chairs, lighting, sound equipment etc., as early as possible and have them set up at least a day before the event. So that nothing goes wrong when your guests arrive at the venue and rather than enjoying the event they complain about it.

The Day Before

Ask your event organizer for confirm copies of the contract with the performers you have hired for your event. Get copies of the email confirmations from all your performers and volunteers to check in about their arrival. By this point, you should already have confirmation from those who will be in attendance. That’s not what this email is for. Instead, this is a message of encouragement and excitement, to rally the troops before the big day. Plus, you’ll want to thank them for all the work they’re about to do. This is also the time for any last-minute issues to be dealt with.

The Day of Event

Get up early. Eat a good breakfast. When you arrive at the scene, grab your trusty “Day-Of” checklist. Make sure you have all the supplies you need and know where they’re located. Meet with your volunteers (or your volunteer coordinator) and establish the itinerary. Do as many walk-throughs of the grounds as you need. Check supplies. Talk to your performers, make sure they have everything they need. An event organizer, ideally, shouldn’t have too many tasks assigned to them on the day of the festival. You should be free to deal with any unexpected circumstances. Most importantly, be available. Mobile phones are not reliable when you are hosting your event in outskirts of the city or in a farm house. Better, rent two-way radios to keep in constant contact with your event organizer, volunteers and staff.

The Day After

Email your event organizers, staff and volunteers to thank them for their support. Make sure they know how valuable they were to you, because (a) they were valuable, and (b) if they feel appreciated, they’ll come back again. Repeat event organizers, volunteers and loyal staff are crucial to guaranteeing your next event’s success.
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