Checklist For Planning An Outdoor Activity

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Checklist for Planning an Outdoor Activity

Organising events or an Outdoor Activity like organizing a birthday party outdoor, is fun, rewarding, exciting, collaborative, social, and of course fun? But the fact is that in order to plan a successful event or an outdoor activity it takes a lot of hard work, multi-tasking many a times and most importantly a very thoughtful planning process. Having great ideas for an event or outdoor activity is simply not enough! No doubt that great events, while they do begin with a great idea also require a well thought out plan. It is a fact that great events cannot be brainstormed, planned, and executed within the span of days. Successful events depending on the scope of the event take weeks, months, and sometimes even years to successfully plan and execute and finally make them memorable one among the hundreds of events out there.

The pages below are general guidelines for basic event planning. Based on the complexity of your event, this list may not be exhaustive, and other ideas or considerations may come into play, but on average this list will surely help you to plan your event better.

Event Planning Checklist

Use this basic checklist in planning and executing a successful event. Please note, we may not have all of the specifics that your event requires on this sheet, so brainstorm with your group prior to starting your event planning to ensure everything gets covered!

Name of Event: ______________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________________________
Time: ______________________________________________________________________
Location: ___________________________________________________________________
Event Purpose: ______________________________________________________________


? Will the event work?
? How many people do you need to make the event happen?
? Does the event serve a need previously not met on other events?
? Do we have the right resources to make it happen?


Please note, if your totals do not match, you may need to adjust your program accordingly.

Anticipated Expenses

Facilities Rental Rs. _______________
Food Rs. _______________
Lodging Rs. _______________
Advertisement & Publicity Rs. _______________

Speaker Fees / Honorariums Rs. _______________
Supplies Rs. _______________
Technical Support Rs. _______________
Travel & Transportation Rs. _______________
Security Rs. ______________
Films License or Permits Rs. _______________
Registration fees Rs. _______________
Other Rs. _______________

*TOTAL Rs. _______________


Admission Fees Rs. _______________
Co-Sponsors (please list below) _______________
Other Income _______________
*TOTAL Rs. _______________

EXPENSE TOTAL Rs. _______________ MUST = INCOME TOTAL Rs. ________________


Officer in charge: ________________________________
? Talk with the appropriate room reservation office (Scheduling)
? What size room do you need?
? What kind of tech needs do you have?
? What can you afford? (if applicable)
? Tentatively book a couple of dates
? Call your performer or vendor (if applicable) and schedule the performance date
? Call the reservation office back to confirm your date
? Schedule a meeting to go over your tech needs and room set-up
? Schedule the travel arrangements for your performer (if necessary), including a ride to and from the airport and/or hotel
? Book hotels and/or make dinner reservations for your performer


Officer in charge: _________________________________
? Food Permit filled out
? Outdoor Space Permit filled out
? Alcohol Permit filled out
? Sound Permit filled out
? Sanitation Permit filled out
? Sales/fundraising permit filled out
? Security Scheduled
? Film License


Officer in charge: _______________________________
? What measures are you taking to ensure you can pay your performer/vendors up front?
? Are you paying the entertainer(s)?
? Are you reimbursing the entertainer(s)for travel?
? Many of these processes must be completed at least a month in advance to get checks signed and sent.


Officer in charge: _________________________________
? Postering
? E-mailing Lists
? Facebook page for the event with complete information of the event and a routemap for the venue
? Other forms of marketing


Officer in charge: _________________________________
? Are we having food?
? For how many are we trying to feed?
? Do we need to order through dining?
? Can we bring in outside food & drink?
Sometimes this must be done up to 4 weeks in advance


Officer in charge: _________________________________
Supplies needed for your event:
? Silverware
? Plates
? Napkins
? Cups
? Decorations
? Cashbox
? Card swiping terminals if need be
? Performer specific items/requests
? Other:


Officer in charge: _________________________________
? Call reservations and make sure all details are secured.
? Make sure all reimbursement/payments have been processed and are on time.
? Call performer and make sure travel arrangements are secured. When are they coming?
? Assign event shifts for group volunteers or Event Planner if you have hired one (set-up, during, take down).
? Create any programs or fliers needed at the Event.


Officer in charge: _________________________________
? Pick up performer/vendor and get to performance site (if applicable)
? Compile performer requests in dressing room (if applicable)
? Arrive early for the event to check for the whole set-up and arrangements.
? Meet vendors/event planners at the event and assist with set-up.
? Greet guests at the door
? Clean up, remember that your reservations location may have special clean up regulations. Even if it is not there then also it’s your responsibility to clean up the facility after completion of your event.


Officer in charge: _________________________________
? Don’t forget to send thank you notes to performers and to volunteers who worked extra hard to make your event successful.
? Make sure to pay all bills
**Don’t forget to keep a list of the people and the phone numbers that you are contacting throughout your planning.

What Extra Care Should You Take While Hosting Outdoor Event?

Below is a list of things you should take care when you are hosting an Outdoor Activity or Event.
? Have an alternate plan in place and arrangement to accommodate people in case of weather changes suddenly, e.g., rain.
? Make sure WIFI works and is reliable if it is needed for your event. You may need to bring in a hotspot or a more powerful and reliable internet connection.
? Test your walkie-talkies/radio sets to determine if they work for throughout your event parameters. If not you might consider a repeater. Ensure they are fully charged to keep working throughout the event.
? If you are relying on cell service to communicate with your team, test coverage with the different carriers to determine if cell service is available and strong. Keep some extra chargers and charging points ready.
? Check your power sources and determine if there is enough to support all of the elements of your event or if you need to bring in a generator. If a generator is needed confirm requirements before arriving on site with your generator.
? Fees and Permits can be handled through your event planner.
? Tent and stage flooring, staging and draping all should be in proper shape.
? Heaters and/or air conditioning as per the weather conditions and should be perfectly working.
? Portable Restrooms, the more VIP the better. For a quick formula calculate 5 toilets per 100 people.
? Securing outdoor areas can be an important job so make sure attention is paid to this and your plan accordingly. Secure appropriate permits from the local authorities before the event.
? Parking and traffic control, use signages for direction or deploy some people to direct the guests for right parking?
? Make sure event staff have all necessary phone numbers and can communicate clearly with each other.
? Keep the First Aid kits handy and ensure well-stocked first aid kits.
This is a long outdoor event planning checklist! But, being well prepared is the most significant step. Recruit some help of volunteers if you can or for a worry-free event planning hire an event planner!
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