Birthday Party Ideas To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Parties Exciting

Jun 27, 2017 Posted By: Gigcult Company: Gigcult
Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Parties Exciting

Everyone loves celebrations, and usually everyone wants to feel special on his/her birthday, especially kids, they want to get together with friends, and throw a party to celebrate their special big day. But, doing it the same way year on year and just cutting cakes, playing some music, dancing on the chartbusters of the years and having some drinks with other parents before the dinner makes the party mundane. But, this year you can spice it up to enhance the joy of celebration of your kid’s big day. Here’s a look at some of the party trends you can use to organize your kid’s birthday party and give your friends a reason to love it.

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief, because it is not too expensive to be simple and keep things really cool and simple. Do not put in too much of decoration on walls, lawn or wherever you are hosting your party. Keep it clean, clutter free and sober. Best you can do is use some really good printed wallpapers to decorate the walls and when you need to take them off you can easily pull them off without harming the wall paint. Keep the color of wall papers you use same or similar, mix of colors make it look ugly.

Choose a Unique Theme

Instead of character-inspired birthday party themes, you should try something different like a penguin-themed party, or a Japanese tea party, or a circle-themed party (for toddlers). This will not only give uniqueness to your party, but also give your kids and their friends. Also, the kids will love to throw a party that’s more representative of them, rather than just the shows or movies they like.

Statement Balloons

Instead of ordering a balloon bouquet, or filling a room with tons of balloons, this year you should focus on statement balloons. The oversized gold number balloons, are also a good option to try, which you can tie on a chair with one or two other balloons that match the party theme’s colours, if there are any, and also adds up the beauty and mood of the party.

Statement Backdrops

Along the same lines as the balloons, you can also use statement backdrops this year to make your kid’s birthday parties become more beautiful and exciting. Instead of decorating an entire party space, there will be more of a focus on sprucing up a small area. Decorating the backdrop, where your child will cut cake and pictures will be clicked, with paper plates are not only beautiful but also inspiring. But, keeping this simple will actually keep your kid’s birthday party on trend.

Food and Drink Pairings

Now, we have discussed about the décor and everything else to make your kid’s party off the hook. Now, let’s come to the adult parents who come to your kid’s party with their kids. So, for the adults, food and drink pairings are a great way to make your kid’s birthday party really off the hook. You can serve mini tacos with margaritas and burgers with craft beer, or fruit juices.

Cheers! Here’s to a wonderful year full of simple celebrations and hosting beautiful trendy birthday parties.

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