A Party That Speaks For Your Status

Jul 16, 2017 Posted By: Gigcult Company: Gigcult
A Party that Speaks for Your Status

Once in a year, everyone gets that special day to celebrate and that is ‘the birthday’. Most of us make this day a mundane one over the years by not putting in much effort. But, this year you will celebrate your birthday party like the rich and famous people with the below handy tips.

The tips below are the most common considerations one has to take while throwing or organizing a party which shows your status.

Guest List

Take down a pen and paper and make a list of guests you want to invite in your party. Of course your closest friends and family are always welcome at your party but you should also invite some random people like the colleagues from other departments of your office. This will not only make you more friends but also built healthy relationships.


Since most of the parties are common with DJs spinning through playlists or playing some rock music on your music system with high volume, you might want to consider a live band to raise the bar. There are thousands of bands in this world so avoid the newbies or wanna be’s and hire a band that is a celebrity in their own right – with a good reputation for kickstarting parties.


A good party has three common things, i.e., good people, good music and good entertainment. But, to celebrate your birthday like rich people or celebrities you would want your party to stand out and remain talk of the town, so look for the companies that will bring in great entertainment to your door in the form of magicians, stand up comedians and tons of other uncommon entertainment.

Hire Help

The most important key to throwing a birthday party like a celebrity is to never try to do everything by yourself, so outsource the labour whenever possible. Find out the new caterer to prepare your food menu and make your guests enjoy delicious food.


It’s easy to send out invites to the guests and instructing them about the time and place of the party but a celebrity sends a limo service to escort their guests back and forth. This is not cheaper obviously but if you are looking for a party like a celebrity, you should at least do a free pick up and drop service for your guests to feel them special and appreciate your efforts.

Remove Limits

A party can really jump of the page when order is lost – people love getting down and dirty. A foam machine is a great way to get your guests to loosen up, kick off their shoes, get soapy, get reckless and enjoy their childhood bliss. This is a new trend in the world of party hosting, if you weren’t a celebrity before, you’ll be one after. Also, you might consider a pool party if weather is suitable.


Whether you want to admit it or not, celebrities love getting their picture taken every moment and especially in their parties and press makes it a news headline with party pictures. If you’re looking to throw a party like a celebrity, bring a pro photo booth into your birthday bash and let your guests get their pictures taken until their heart’s content. Not only will they feel pretty glam in the process, but they’ll be able to take the memories home with them forever.

If you want to make your birthday party more spectacular better idea is to hire professionals to do everything for you and make you a celebrity on your birthday.