12 Tips To Pick The Best Venue For Your Event?

May 18, 2017 Posted By: Gigcult Company: Gigcult
12 Tips to pick the Best Venue for Your Event?

There are many reasons for which we have to host events and invite a lot of people to attend it. Thousands of different things are required while planning an event and possibly the most significant decision you have to make and that will affect the outcome of your event would be the selection of venue. No doubt that, food and entertainment are also significant factors, but the venue sets the scene; builds atmosphere, and many other choices like décor, ambiance, associated services, cuisine, theme of the event etc. are all planned and decided based on the venue.

Since the selection of the venue consumes a large portion of most event budgets, it adds more pressure to making the right decision. Below are the most significant criteria for choosing a venue for any type of event, which will be useful when you want to host an event and looking for a perfect and budget friendly venue for the same.

1. Budget: Price you pay for the venue is often the key factor when considering the selection of venues, so choose the venue which fits within your event budget.
2. Space specifications: While you choose an event venue always keep in mind the number of guests who will attend your event and then make the calculation whether the venue you are choosing would comfortably accommodate all your guests.
3. Day/time availability: Always keep the day and time of your event in mind while selecting a venue. Because if your event is in day then you should not worry too much but if your event is in night you should also consider the safety of your guests, their commutation and the availability of the public transport from the venue during night.
4. Type of event and objective: Know precisely the needs and goals of your guests so you can match up a venue with those specifications. For example, if your event is a business event you should have a place in the venue for networking where you guests can interact with each other.
5. Security: An often overlooked but very vital factor, this includes not only a venue’s security personnel but also things like security doors and limiting venue access to only guests/attendees and also the security of their vehicles and belongings.
6. Other groups using the venue at the same time as your event: If you are planning a sit-down conference with speakers, you probably don’t want a loud wedding reception next to your venue. So make sure any parallel events at the venue (or even nearby) won’t conflict with or interrupt your event.
7. Customer service: The venue you choose should to be responsive to your event needs, it should have adequate support staff on site during the event to respond to the needs and requests of you, your staff and your attendees.
8. Travel convenience: The location of the venue needs to be conveniently located for your attendees and within a reasonable distance so as not to require excessive travel; otherwise it might affect your guest’s attendance.
9. Parking and proximity to transportation options: On-site or nearby parking options for your guests are important. Also consider the proximity to airports and public transit if you have many guests who aren’t driving their own car to the event.
10. Accessible for persons with disabilities: Consider a facility for your event with ramps, elevators and other amenities if you are expecting guests with physical disabilities and older guests who aren’t able to walk properly or climb up the staircases.
11. Reputation: Ask other event planners and vendors regarding their experiences with the venues you are considering also Google reviews and Facebook reviews are good tool to check out about the reputation of an event venue.
12. Vendor restrictions: Some venues have a list of exclusive vendors that they usually allow to perform work in their facility, so ensure if you are hiring outside vendors that you can bring into the venue and that the venue will amicably work alongside them for the preparations of your event.

Above all else, do extensive research yourself to find a perfect event venue depending on your budget and requirement that meets all your requirements. You can also consider hiring an event planner with a good track record. With the right goal in mind, the right event planner can exceed your wildest expectations. To achieve this, you need to be on board with your event planner. This means that you need to be compatible with your event planner and understand how they work.

A good event planner knows best what type of venue will be best for your event and how to make all necessary arrangements to make your event stand out and make your guests feel at home. For your next event, use these tips to pick the best venue for your event.