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Fresh Ideas

How to Hire Best Musicians for Your Events?

Jul 04, 2017

Hosting a successful event itself is a daunting task, and to spice it with some really good music (not from an electronic music system) you need a really good musicians or may be a band…

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Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Parties Exciting

Jun 27, 2017

Everyone loves celebrations, and usually everyone wants to feel special on his/her birthday, especially kids, they want to get together with friends, and throw a party to celebrate their special big day. But, doing it…

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How to Decorate the Best Wedding Stage

Jun 17, 2017

Weddings no doubt are always so complex and difficult to plan perfectly, because it’s the Big Day in life of two souls and of course the families and friends who get together to bless the…

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A Party that Speaks for Your Status

Jul 16, 2017

Once in a year, everyone gets that special day to celebrate and that is ‘the birthday’. Most of us make this day a mundane one over the years by not putting in much effort. But,…

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8 Errors Every New Event Organizer Makes

Jun 02, 2017

Planning an event is no easy task and even a professional event planner admits the fact. A lot of new event planners underestimate the amount of time, planning, strategy and effort needed to plan a…

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Grand Opening Ideas to Attract New Customers

May 26, 2017

Every entrepreneur and businessman looks forward to a grand opening of his business so that he can attract a lot of customers to buy the goods or services offered by the business. But, Grand opening…

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12 Tips to pick the Best Venue for Your Event?

May 18, 2017

There are many reasons for which we have to host events and invite a lot of people to attend it. Thousands of different things are required while planning an event and possibly the most significant…

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Checklist for Planning an Outdoor Activity

May 06, 2017

Organising events or an Outdoor Activity like organizing a birthday party outdoor, is fun, rewarding, exciting, collaborative, social, and of course fun? But the fact is that in order to plan a successful event or…

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Event Planners in the Age of Spectacular Events

May 05, 2017

We are all human beings and we love to socialise, to meet people, to meet relatives, to meet friends and to party together. Every occasion like wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, etc., calls for inviting people…

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